Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hot! Super Bowl Commercials 2013

The WWE's freshest WWE Champion, Dwayne Johnson, greater known by simply his iconic band name, "Despite primary reservations out of numerous WWE fans after the Rock won the company's major title continue four week period for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the Rock's look and feel with two Super Bowl advertisements show how the WWE imaginative team's decision taking that bill out of earlier champ CM Punk ended up being an excellent one.

The Rock's commercial performances included an advert for your Milk Processor Education Program your "Got Milk" ad and a trailer for your long term installment with the common Fast and Furious series, Fast 6.

Johnson's Super Bowl cameos were solely a symptom in the star's main stream crossovers that'll in the lengthy work beneficial that WWE.

In addition to Fast 6, The Rock will superstar from the approaching G.I. Joe sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Michael Bay's Pain & Gain along with the quickly to get launched video Snitch.

Overall, Johnson's a number of motion picture looks specify which Hollywood Studios will be assured within the pro-wrestler-turned-movie-star's potential to be able to bring the income in. This really should be a fantastic indication to the WWE: Ten years because their final title run, Johnson is usually again your company's champion.

The Rock's expanded Hollywood career could, while in the lengthy run, be a terrific benefit to the WWE, specifically ever since Johnson includes go back for you to his master struggling roots.

In an interview this past year with Dorothy Pomerantz for Forbes, the particular Rock spoken of his newfound doctrine while an professional in addition to his should adapt to their WWE earlier in lieu of disguise it, as video executives usually told him. As they advised her, "It reached a level wherever I felt which rather then me wanting to conform to Hollywood, I necessary to have Hollywood adapt to my home along with take hold of my past" (via ).

The issue around the heads involving WWE officers now should be whether or not the Rock for the reason that WWE Champion can make this year's WrestleMania twenty nine seeing that productive as last year's WrestleMania 28 the most seen PPV in WWE history.

Was the WWE's decision a brilliant one? Will the actual Rock's resume WrestleMania support the actual WWE bust the particular track record 1.3 zillion purchase rate from continue year?

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