Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hot! Today Show's Joke About Sexual Harassment Didn T Go So Well

Madeleine Davies


Good Morning America and Today ought to juggle a convoluted combination of difficult news, amusement plus human desire stories almost all even though seems cheerful plus likable, an action that is possibly more stressful to perform than the item is in order to watch. It is smart that every sometimes they might desire for you to cease returning as well as do one thing foolish and stupid simply for the actual reasons associated with fun. (We achieve that here during Jezebel all of the time, this is why this specific submit doubles to be a Magic Eye of Harriet Beecher Stowe.)

Unfortunately, efforts at goofing down might skip the particular mark, in particular when these people A.) scarcely involve Al Roker, B.) have a great undertone with homophobia along with C.) tend to be mocking erectile nuisance including the segment that went for the Today Show this particular morning in relation to Willie Geist as well as Matt Lauer joshing all around as well as spanking one another backstage. Rather than being all "LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE GOOFBALLS," Today decided to run a new section parodying To Catch a Predator by which Matt Lauer experienced violated along with Geist was defensive. I wouldn't express this your portion is usually something to get up in arms about, nevertheless I could say that ?t had been tremendous fucking dumb.

Sure, humor can be very subjective in addition to all, nevertheless , you have to consider that the sole individuals who are laughing during this particular are generally folks who also believe that not one but two gentlemen kissing just about every other bands asses is actually amusing or perhaps folks who reckon that sexual harassment is hilarious. (Both, I'm sure, usually are out there.)

Let's play some sort of game! I am visiting number what appeared to be stupid about this clip from most a problem for you to least questionable then you'll be able to arrange the particular volumes when you view fit. Fun, right? Right!

1. Grown individuals repeatedly stating the phrase "tush" 2. Writing along with delivery 3. Making enjoyable associated with erectile harassment 4. Homophobia 5. That Matt Lauer provides a individualized autograph out of Bruce Springsteen in his / her company as well as just about all I have can be numerous coughing decline wrappers.


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