Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot! Kristen Stewart's Crutches And All Your Burning Oscar Questions E Online

Will Adele become our next megastar to EGOT? Quiet Storm, by means of Now which Adele has the woman's Oscar as well as the woman museum's valued at connected with Grammys this kind of year by yourself she has earned a new Golden Globe, an Oscar including a Grammy she's way well before you.

She informed this push Sunday overnight with the Oscars in which "maybe I'll do similar to a strong HBO exclusive for instance Beyonc did. And after that a Tony, I'm not necessarily so sure. That may perhaps be eventually it's possible someone may want me to accomplish a musical."

Still, don't hold a person's breath; the lady added which a Broadway-type musical will be "not inside my likelihood for the moment."

That's possibly not the only real query people enquired my home about last night's significant ceremony. Let's be able to some more!

Get all of the winners from Oscar night!

Yes. And she used a dress together with fur from the cleavage. You're welcome.

How many people actually receive a strong #Oscar when a motion picture gets Best Picture? Just your director? Or everyone from good to be able to makeup? Sarah C., by means of Actually, occasionally not really the particular director. Only individuals with your "producer" or perhaps "produced by" credit score obtain reverance and, absolutely no , it doesn't comprise executive producer, range producer, companion producer, co producer.

And do you very good thing. Otherwise, every person in Hollywood can have an Oscar!

Oscars: The nearly all lovely seems of the night

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