Monday, February 25, 2013

Hot! Arizona Man Launches Take Alex Jones Guns Away Petition Frontburner

The 100 % text, from the White House s We The People petition site:

Alex Jones rifle obsessed tirades upon country wide TV as well as online have shown serious worries with regards to his / her mind wellbeing. It s visible from his conspiracy tempted rants in which he may be mentally volatile as well as possibly poses a probability to be able to himself or maybe others. In short, Mr. Jones appears to be a ticking occasion bomb in addition to this individual could basically come with any kind of moment. At the same time, however, Mr. Jones possesses unwittingly made themself that poster youngster of exactly what effective gun safety reform need to seem like. The frequent denominator to these massacres can be mind illness. Regulating the kind involving gun or even potential in the magazine won capital t transform or perhaps do almost anything to avert mentally sick folks from harming on their own or others. If a person hopes to own a new gun, after that they, just like Mr. Jones, needs to have to go away a mental health exam.

This request thing must stop. I simply wish

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