Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hot! The Jets In Thursday Night Football

Als and Dartmouth ballots comment. They have the darn good how are you that and I generally in and it yeah that would get it.

And at the site's called BTim Tebowgames are not your fruit or changing it there's no more jets are is called Tebow Thursday nights that's

Our blog and I live in the album but Sam animal Broncos fan and and hopefully what I mean I had a chance. Watch every game of the of the ship he's been played. And I mean you know a lot of course he is extremely scrutinized because and it And it seemed like everybody just. It's cool he adamantly distinctively to perform an not we don't really proved yet it is. At Dartmouth atrocious but I mean the thing is I make some quote last game. We you can bet on it because to complete But he's so he's shown some flashes of of the peak until it I don't know that mental look at cases. I'm I mean youtouchdown passlast week was was great that was part As a great it was a great apps on eight I think I'm that the game last week. I was a a I scored it was just it is still on me.

They don't I you know Dennis island sheTom Bradyplaying gonna get ready for drive. He does that to eight passes on top do you think even trezeguet is not just us and her brother every time.

Well we'll let that thing I mean any human getting at when he does it would get triple option that he did it. And it NM and analytic I would follow college what a lot caught ought to get that that kind of addicting to college. But it was it never really keen that kind of showed how are you gonna have attempted to its product and what that would because oil. And and his Alec Alec unhealthy it's so much different then the normal played nowadays but it and I just I just and I think that wouldn't. Who would and it's tough to say eight EDU going to be easy sixty and an not gonna.

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